Ryan Gibson lives in Fife, Scotland originally from Hampshire and studied guitar in London at the Guitar Institute.

Starting to learn guitar at 14 Ryan was self taught learning all he could from books and friends.
It was only after he completed his diploma in Music Technology, (originally wanting to be a sound engineer) he decided that he wanted to be a performer and so moved to West London to study.

Whilst in London Ryan was involved in many projects including session work for up and coming producers and playing in original and function bands.

Ryan moved to Scotland after his studies and began teaching privately in the local area.  He has become a sought after teacher and also runs band workshops to encourage the
younger (and hopefully older) musicians to learn how to play with one another and to build a music community in West Fife.

Ryan can currently be heard playing with the instrumental Jazz/Funk band Washington Street as well as his new venture into solo acoustic guitar.

His studies at the Guitar Institute focused on contemporary electric guitar styles and it has only been in recent years that he has become a keen player in the alternative acoustic finger picking style.

It was a good friend of his that first introduced him to this style of guitar playing and from that time he has been teaching himself how to play this intriguing and technically challenging music.

Influenced by artists such as Andy Mckee, Don Ross, Thomas Leeb, Michael Hedges and Antoine Dufour Ryan has set about writing his own compositions for solo acoustic guitar.
It has been a challenging genre to write in especially composing in altered tunings (all previous chord and scale knowledge goes out the window!).  Hopefully you can see him
playing in and around Scotland soon.

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