I teach contemporary electric and acoustic guitar as well as electric bass and beginner drums.  I am currently available to teach privately in West Fife.  I teach in the Dunfermline and surrounding areas as well as in and around Falkirk.  I have been teaching in Fife for the last 10 years since moving to the area.

Learn from the comfort of your own home in a fun and intuitive way..  Beginners to advanced players welcome. All aspects of music taught from playing techniques to practical theory. Learn all the skills you need to play your favourite songs as well as the ability to develop yourself further.

All levels of Grading taught.

Enhanced Disclosure approved.

My current rates are £25 for a 60 minute lesson and £20 for a 45 minute lesson.

Please feel free to contact me on:

07939 434882



Testimonials from my students:

Emily Hodson – Handpan player

“Ryan’s skills as a teacher include being patient, punctual and prepared. He has a very planned and focused attitude to teaching and tailors lessons to each individual’s needs. I find this helpful as it allowed me to grow as a musician, developing a comprehensive knowledge of music theory in just 6 months. He is a kind and understanding individual and his calm nature put me at ease in every lesson. When I found a topic complex to grasp Ryan had numerous ways to explain it so that I could really understand. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any student.”

Jim Tait – Acoustic guitar

” I started with learning rhythm electric guitar, progressed to lead rock and blues and migrated to finger picking acoustic to a level of complexity that I thought impossible for someone starting to play guitar at 50 years of age.  Along the way I have learned to read tab, rhythm and then music together with fully understanding guitar theory.  Check out some of the Andy McKee songs 1) For my Father, 2) Africa 3)  Rylynn that I only dreamed of playing.  I can now play these and many more to this standard courtesy of the patient coaching and support of Ryan.

Katherine Laidlaw – Acoustic guitar

“I’ve been having regular guitar lessons from Ryan for the past seven or eight years and I feel that he has really helped me to develop my playing and my love of playing. He has introduced me to styles of guitar playing I hadn’t previously known about and now that I am off to uni he has been helping me learn to teach myself while I’m away. He has also vastly improved my knowledge of music theory. Ryan has always been a patient and friendly teacher and I can’t recommend him enough.”

Brad Moffat – Electric guitar

“I had never even held a guitar when I decided I wanted to learn to play at the age of 42. I knew what I was looking for in a guitar tutor: someone I could relate to on a personal level, someone who was a talented player and, most importantly, someone who made playing the guitar fun.  I “auditioned” another local guy who ticked some of the boxes but it was when I met Ryan that I knew I had found the person I wanted to work with.

In the last four years my guitar playing has reached a level I would never have before thought possible. Ryan is a patient tutor, an accomplished player and a talented luthier which is a rare and valuable set of skills. His knowledge of guitar playing techniques, musical genres, and music theory is exemplary and, besides all of that, he’s a really nice guy who keeps me motivated. I consider myself lucky to have Ryan as my tutor and would recommend him to aspiring players of any age.”

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